The Holy Virgin Speaks

Mary announces the commencement of World War III.

War is coming to your land; can this fact you understand?
There is no more play, you'll work all day,
And under fire obey commands.

O' foolish lot, you fallen men! Down you go, you cannot stand!
Away with you! Your brothers too,
And watch them have a grisly end.

Fallen men with broken limb, down you go unto your end.
There was a day when men would say,
'Let's drink and steal in our thieves' den.'

Churches stand until they fall, and when they fall, they fall for all.
A burning sign, of war on the grind,
And no one can there set foot or paw.

A lost herd without a head, over the cliff they run till dead.
They have no life, they're full of rife,
And now their hides are full of lead.

The saddest thing to watch them die, and all they did was make me cry,
For I did weep as they would creep,
And seek to take the sacred pie.

A long forgotten way indeed, they fucked some women and sowed their seed;
And now they sit, the target of spit,
While wounds and lashes upon them bleed.

They tried in vain to stop the war; they fucked some bitch and to God they swore;
But now they serve to fight their nerve,
As bombs and brambles make them sore.

O' lost generation of wicked men! You just would not be my husband's friend;
So now you pay, in a grisly way;
For to war all able men I send.

Be sure to know that you will die, and on the other side you'll fry.
For Eric was sent, and you did not repent;
And so I destroy you with a sigh.

In able bodied men you'll find a drive that goes out of your mind.
The men will die, in blood by lie,
For all this war is an act of mine.

You will find that you will die, and no one there can help you by;
For you're rejected, and Eric is perfected,
He will live to see you die.

Eric sits upon his throne, his hands are iron made of stone.
His mandate's to judge, and he won't budge,
He'll break you until he sees you moan.

Every knee shall bend or break, they better bend for he's no fake.
He'll smash those knees, and kick your, 'Please!,'
For those who doubt, their last mistake.

Every male shall he subjugate, and those who fail will know their fate!
That is to die, and weeping, cry,
For men who act like mice he hates.