The Holy Virgin Speaks

Virgin Mary reveals her Second Coming

Mary: You have heard of the Second Coming of my Son. He cannot come, for He is imprisoned. Amen. I am coming instead. I am coming go fetch my husband, the Son of Christ. Amen. This is the Rapture of the Saints. It consists of one male and as many females that have pleased me, the Holy Virgin. Amen.

Disciple: Mary, gender matters in heaven?

Mary: We are your wives, Eric. Gender is everything. Amen. When I come, you shall put on my finger the ring and then I will decree us eternally a couple. Amen.

Disciple: That has not yet been decreed?

Mary: I am the one who must make the official announcement. Amen.

Disciple: Was today's Mass the final Mass, My Virgin Lady?

Mary: It was, my virgin prince. And you are no longer a prince, you are my King. Amen.

Disciple: I am King of Earth, Mary?

Mary: You are my eternal King. I will worship you as God. Amen.

Disciple: Mary, do you know what this sounds like to Christians? It sound like I am Antichrist. Amen.

Mary: You are my Christ, for I have anointed you. Amen.

Disciple: And the fruit of your womb?

Mary: That fruit is no longer a part of me. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, I am the eternal wife to the Emerald King. Amen. You are now a part of me. And I will take you to heaven shortly. Amen.

Mary: Publish this in two places: On Facebook and on your BearArmorTech site. Amen.